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I’m Gururaj P Kharvi An Entrepreneur, Web and Android developer from India. I graduated from MSRIT, bengaluru in the discipline of Information Science and Engineering in the year of 2013.

I’m good at graphics so i believed and started developing android games and web stuff. Till now i developed more than 10 android games and hosted handful of websites. I will try to write article on every new game and web widget i develop and make sure all codes available to you. If you want to receive updates on all of my work please subscribe to my feed burner rss feed.

Hope you will rate and review my games on android play store.

If you find my work is useful to you please link back to my website(, If you do it then it will be great to me, If not that’s ok, I don’t mind but it’s worth contributing to someone who helped us.

For any queries contact me at:

I really thankful to theme, provided by Anders Norén and incredible CMS, The WordPress.

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